hello everyone, finally you can read my news about kenya and see what i saw...kenya is a beautiful country, i am coming back richer of knowledge, and full of beautiful memories....the people there are maybe poor, and half of the population is HIV positive, but their heart are big, their smile ever so welcoming, their kindness guenuine. (ok, maybe the fact that we were two young girls, attracted quite a few men, and most wanted to invite us to go out with them, to dance or walk on the beach...) they are still in general kind people. even if they are poor,and have only little, they are happy, always smiling.

while we were there, we did two safaris, the first one was in Tsavo East, we stayed in a hotel where elephants came to drink, it was amazing! During the day, while we were having a bite, you could look and admire them and at night you could hear them talking to each other! so cool! On our secong safari, we went to Masai Mara, and had to use a small plane to go, we saw Kilimonjaro on our way there. we stayed in a resort in the middle of the safari, and slept in a 5 stars tent!!!it was situated in front of the river Mara, where the hippos eat and sleep! at night these big ones were very noisy! but I loved it anyway, it was wierd to sleep in a tent and listen to all the different sounds of the animals! both safaris were really waaooo...breath taking...!!! while we were in Masai Mara we also visited a Masaii village, that was also really great, i love being able to meet the people and have a chat with them, i've learnt a lot about them, their cultrure, their way to live, the way they divide the different tasks, well of course the women have the most to do, they have to get the water from the nearby or not even so nearby river, they have to built the huts, prepare the different meals of course and design and make some jewellery used for different events like weddings, add to their everyday costumes/clothes, or for the men who also wear some on top of their red outfit! so really you must wonder what do the men do? well not that much, they jump! hunt! and make love to their wives!!! good life hey?

our hotel, in Diani each lodge, where we were supposed to stay for 8 days! was really sweet and cute. small, situated in front of the sea (I must say, the water was sooo hot 34°! yep for real!) the beach covered with white sand! i never saw any before, quite incredible! the food...yummy! there were only about 30 people in there, so you can guess that you were really looked after! while we stayed there, i managed to take pictures of few small monkeys, but a cheecky one came to tap my bottom while i was trying to take a picture of him...it made me laugh! though noone was around to laugh with me!

Ajout de la video des éléphants [23 avril]