just a little note to share my news with you guys: for few nights i was awake by a very noisy neighbour, who liked partying most of the night, must have known I was asleep and wanted to let me know he lived upstairs! Well he moved in, actually am not sure when, and decided to settled his nest over my bedroom! Yep! For a while I thought it was a rat having fun and jumping around, but one day, I decided to meet up with that new neighbour….well guess what, he wasn’t a rat like I expected, but much cuter…do you guess what it is….no?…it was a squirrel…yep!!! Really! If he wasn’t so noisy I would keep him upstairs, but nope! I can’t have a noisy neighbour waking me up every night! I will eventually have a picture, but you have to wait for that one. ;-)