salut a la petite famille, mon debut dans ce nouveau blog...un peu maladroite, mais on essaie d'y arriver au mieux, it is wierd really, i am talking not only to one personne but to u all...well i'll have to watch what i'm bad language...nothing too...dirty!!!even if philou would enjoy it ;D mon nini cant wait to see u, we have organised the christmas dinner with cyrille as u know, and we are all going at his place, though granny and granddad from cherbourg cant make it, so we will have to go and visit them sometimes next week...oh and by the way, the cat's name isn't chocolat but...well nobody knows really "le chat" maybe, "le chat d'papa"!voila, Eva's so cute with her new glasses, she looks so grown up, i can see how much her eyes' operation worked; its great. Manoo, Martine, Eva and Emilie, we thought of u yesterday as we celebrated christmas in le havre with all flers, you were missed :( bisous a tous